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Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer's

It helps to understand the difference between these different terms.

* Memory loss is a normal loss of brain cells that starts in our twenties, the slowing down of the production of the chemicals it takes for brain cells to work, and the changes in how the brain stores information.

* Dementia is the overall category of physical changes leading to memory loss, and it can include a variety of forms, including Alzheimer's. It is caused by destruction of brain cells.

* Alzheimer's is one specific type of dementia.

Memory Loss

Loss of memory is really a normal function of aging, and happens in a widely varying degree in all of us. You will find a number of methods to help yourself when you begin noticing just a little normal forgetfulness. A number of them are:

* Do a list of everything you must do, buy, watch... remember.

* Establish routines utilizing a different the main brain. This can help job the memory

* Making associations is a good method to assist you to remember

* Keep a calendar, and write in as numerous details as possible easily fit in the area

* Put your keys, purse, wallet, along with other important items, in the same location each time

* A popular trick for remembering names is repeating the alphabet in your thoughts. Sometimes that one starting letter is sufficient to job your memory.


Alzheimer's is easily the most common type of dementia today. Like great shape of dementia, it comes down on slowly, affecting the temporary memory first. Memories from the distant past could be clear like a bell, but someone's name or a meeting from yesterday is lost almost immediately.

It's brought on by abnormal protein deposits within the brain, which destroy cells from the brain accountable for memory and mental functions. Adding to the progression from the disease are lower amounts of essential chemicals within the brain that control important brain functions. Sadly, Alzheimer's isn't reversible, and there's currently no cure.


Dementia is really a group of diseases that impair memory enough where processing information and also the capability to function normally are impaired.

It is important for everyone's bit of mind in order to differentiate between normal loss of memory and much more severe and progressive memory problems like Alzheimer's. Warning flags that could warn you that the serious memory issue is developing are:

* Personality changes

* Forgetting how you can do things you must have done many, often before

* Difficulty with problem solving

* Losing tabs on daily events

* Forgetting everyday things a lot more than normal

* Problems communicating

* Difficulty with everyday tasks, like handling money

* Difficulty learning how you can make a move new

* Telling exactly the same stories again and again, perhaps within the same conversation

* Forgetting the date, the month, the present President

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