Dementia and also the Effects in your Family

Dementia effects a persons mental capability, personality and behaviour. A person with dementia will frequently experience forgetfulness, particularly temporary memory and also the illness isn't an ordinary a part of getting old.

Approximately 500,000 people in England have dementia which is more prevalent the aged. The terrible thing with dementia is that it can be a long term illness that gets slowly worse over time. This in itself can be terrifying and heart breaking for people close to the individual.

Currently there appears to be no cure for dementia and doctors appear to be floundering in the dark to attempt to treat the disease using a mixture of drugs, that in a lot of instances, can cause the individual to worsen in lots of other ways.

For the people close to the individual the process of dealing with the disease is extremely difficult. A person who slowly starts to deteriorate can for quite a while look after themselves in many normal day to day ways. They will be able to wash and dress themselves but may not know when they are out at the shops, why they are there, or how to get back to their current home. Many people with dementia sadly end up appearing back at houses they lived at many years ago, caused by the strange symptom of bad short term but good long term memory.

As the individual worsens the heart breaking decision for people close to them is when it has become unsafe to leave them at home by themselves. In addition, many are to proud or embarrassed to involve doctors and nurses and continue to attempt to care for the person themselves. This decision can have a massive impact on the carers life, in effect almost ending theirs, to care for the ill individual.

Furthermore, there is the decision for a wife or husband to decide when their other half becomes to much of a burden and should be placed in a care home. This in itself is a heart wrenching decision. Normally, the carer still loves the other person and cannot bring themselves to place them in a home at the appropriate time. This can then lead to other family members giving advice on if this decision ought to be made and which frequently then causes rifts in families just at that time once they have to be at their closest.

When the decision has been manufactured to put the ill person inside a care home there's then your guilt of getting made a decision as well as the guilt of to go to regularly. For several family they might not need to go to but feel obliged. This may possess a bad mental impact on this member of the family and cause issues in this specific household. The results from the illness are just like a domino effect.

Finally you will find the memories. The largest and saddest thing throughout this method may be the effect of people's memories regarding the ill individual. All memories appear to become of contemporary times as well as on death everything appears to be remembered would be the difficult and bad recent years and never the loving, clear, happy memories of who the individual was a long time ago.

If you're involved with this kind of situation, the thing I recommend would be to make an effort to hold onto the great memories. Take a look at photo's in the good years.
Remember who the individual was and what they've completed in yesteryear. Honour them in this manner and check out and turn a blind eye towards the difficulties from the now. This isn't really them.

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